We Are All Electric Beings- Art Gallery of Regina

We Are All Electric Beings- Art Gallery of Regina

We are all electric beings

October 13, 2022 – January 8, 2023
Art Gallery of Regina
Regina, SK, Canada

Rachel Broussard, Alyssa Ellis, Heather Shillinglaw, Laurel Terlesky
Curated by Sandee Moore

Drawing on traditional knowledge, Western science and empathetic relationships with plants, the artists in this group exhibition elucidate the complex interconnectedness of humans and plants.

 The title of this exhibition is drawn from knowledge passed from Elder Shirley Shillinglaw to artist Heather Shillinglaw as she researched and created her large-scale embroideries of medicine plants foraged by her ancestors.

The electricity that animates living cells, whether mammal or vegetal, is made explicit in Laurel Terlesky’s botanical drawings that illuminate when touched, making visible the fact that all living beings carry an electrical charge on the surface of their cells.

Similarly, Rachel Broussard uses plant and animal bodies cut from the pages of photographic books to spell shadowy messages of environmental doom, recognizing the interdependence and vulnerability of all species in an ecosystem.

Artist and horticulturist Alyssa Ellis delves into the codependent relationship of care between humans and houseplants with her relational aesthetics artworks Plant Spa and Plant Adoption, re-homing plants rescued and rehabilitated from dumpsters.

We Are All Electric Beings proposes a leveling of hierarchies that acknowledge the equal value of all living beings and explores various ways that humans interface with plants: evolutionary, caring, exploiting, empathizing, protecting, nourishing and familial.

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Surface Rupture at Third Shift Festival

Surface Rupture at Third Shift Festival

Festival of Contemporary Artworks
August 15 – 17, 2018
Third Shift Festival
Saint John, New Brunswick

THIRD SHIFT is a festival of public contemporary artworks presented by Third Space, a not-for-profit artist-run centre in Saint John, New Brunswick. Established in 2015, THIRD SHIFT aims to offer citizens a unique opportunity to engage with contemporary art and re-imagine their city. THIRD SHIFT holds space for new experiences and communal exchange through the exhibition of temporary installations, interventions, performances and projections in the heart of Uptown Saint John. All activities are free of charge and open to the public.

I’m excited to announce that I will be presenting porcelain and touch-media installation, Surface Rupture to Third Shift. Really excited to see people interact with this installation about the memory of touch.

Memories captured in our flesh are often recalled vividly, relaying both a narrative experience and a felt sensation. Surface Rupture explores the skin’s surface and how touch can penetrate, shift, break, expand and ripple our emotional and physical senses. Produced with the support of the British Columbia Arts Council

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Narratives of the Lost at the Santa Ana College Art Gallery

Narratives of the Lost at the Santa Ana College Art Gallery

Loss and Lucidity

August 4 – 18, 2018
Santa Ana College Art Gallery
Santa Ana, CA, U.S.A

(Street Level)
205 N. Broadway, Santa Ana, CA 92701, US

Curator and Visual Artist, Diana Ali in collaboration with Santa Ana College Art Gallery and Director, Phil Marquez, is pleased to present the exhibition ‘Loss & Lucidity’ an exhibition of contemporary artwork investigating the misplaced, the missed and the mended.

The exhibition explores what it is to lose something, someone, some direction and some sense of self. But is it so bad to be a flaneur, flaneuse, in wanderlust, in terra incognita, a nomad, a shaman, a drifter?

A fantastic array of international artists come together in one space to find lucidity in that loss. Through various retrieval methodologies the artists explore navigational strategies, emotional celibacy, memories, reinvention, survival skills and escapism. Work exhibited include film, animation, photography, installations, drawings, paintings and sculpture to keep hold of old ties, retrace steps and to experience the joy of retrieval.

The exhibition asks the audience how we find clarity and closure when the subject has ceased. It allows the artists to answer how the unforeseen is evitable not calculated or measured because ultimately our possessions may have disappeared but we are still here.

For a full list of all the artist’s details please visit:


Curator: Diana Ali: www.dianaali.com


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Vulnerable Language at Galerie im Körnerpark

Vulnerable Language at Galerie im Körnerpark

An Encyclopedia of Tenderness // Eine Enzyklopädie des Zarten

March 18, 2018 – 18 April, 2018
Galerie im Körnerpark
Berlin, Germany
Curated by Anne Brannys

 The exhibition project “An Encyclopedia of Tenderness” is based on the dissertation of the same name by Anne Brannys. In it, the artist illuminates the central concept of the delicate from different perspectives and interlinks human and scientific as well as artistic questions. In eight focal points, the exhibition unfolds the theme as a walk-in encyclopaedia in a spatial structure specially developed for the presentation. This spatially rhythmic order of knowledge is at the same time permeable and allows cross-connections between the exhibits through a sensory guidance system. The artistic works – a selection from an extensive archive of positions, submitted on a call for tender – illustrate a diverse range of approaches to the subject and explore the complexity of the term in a sensory perceptible way. Thus, the physically experienceable experience of an exhibition becomes a logical extension of the collection of knowledge available in book form.

You can order a copy of the Encyclopedia of Tenderness through amazon or theses links:


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