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Acrylic, oil aerosol


Where do we stand in relation to our ‘electrical body politic’?

Energy is neither created nor destroyed; it is harnessed, transformed, and is increasingly bordered, sold, manipulated, expressed, and valued in relation to cultural dependency.

Where and how do the currents of our identity intersect with the pulse of energy?

How do our models of the future – our electrical sustainability suffragettes – mitigate a social shift that is bringing into question the human sense of self in relation to our current levels of power consumption?

Through a surrealist, pop-culture lens, Laurel Terlesky invites us to question the historical placement of these intimate portraits. Reclaiming the art of portraiture from a static presentation of the past, Terlesky places her subjects in the context of the present, and possibly the future…

The direct gaze of Terlesky’s subjects, confronts social norms, concepts of beauty and fashion, the meshing of the personal with the political, the sustainable with the possible, and stand as catalysts for deeper thinking.