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Laurel Terlesky: Artist-In-Residence
Quest University’s Artist-in-Residence program is pleased to welcome Laurel Terlesky MFA, Transart alumna, as artist-in-residence this March. Together with students, faculty and staff, Terlesky will be creating an installation, Hallowed Winds. The exhibition will be open to the public March 31 – April 3, 2015.

Hallowed Winds is an installation that explores the imprint of touch in our memory and how the body leaves its trace in materiality. This installation will create a shared experience between participants activated by the ephemeral audio narratives evoking an awareness of the felt body.

As part of her residency, Laurel Terlesky will teach a course at Quest University titled “Art, the Body and Technology”. The course will provoke a dialogue amongst students to reveal the spaces and intersections of physical perceptual and sensory driven awareness, cyberspace, the networked nodes of our social community and reflect upon how technology shifts the ways we inhabit our physical landscapes and interior environments.


About Quest’s Artist-in-Residence

Quest University Canada’s artist-in-residence program is open to artists in any discipline, including, but not limited to, visual art, dramatic art, creative writing, dance and music. The artists in residence offer courses in their craft and in the creative process, and provide students with opportunities to develop creative and artistic skills. Additionally, the artists share their own work with the University and surrounding community through installations, exhibitions, or events. Resident artists normally come to Quest for either 6 weeks or 12 weeks between September and April, teaching one or two courses respectively. The remainder of the time is dedicated to the support and practice of both the artists’ and students’ work, which may include open studio sessions, performance/exhibition of artist’s work, and other activities. We offer visiting tutor status, accommodation, and compensation for the entire residence period. We will attempt to accommodate the specific needs of your artistic genre within the constraints of our limited resources.

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