State of the ART – TWSSF

Opening night – Friday April, 13th, 8pm

TELUS World Ski and Snowboard Festival is all about the riding, the free concerts, the nightlife and for the discerning palate, the art. At State of the Art, all pillars of the WSSF come together to provide a platform for mountain town inspiration.
There are no rules and this is not a paint-inside-the-lines event. Sub-cultures and anti-movements are celebrated and portrayed in gritty and thought-provoking mediums. Invited artists come from far and wide to create a community of urban street and snow ingenuity, and push the boundaries of the State of the Art. There’s no entry fee, and you can stroll around the Grand Foyer of the Whistler Conference Centre, immerse yourself in artistic talent, rub shoulders with the who’s who of the creative world and even pick up a one-of-a-kind piece for yourself.
State of the ART Opening Party, 8pm, Free
See what happens when fashion and art collide. Live painting on live models to create the ART-pocalypse Collection – the last word in wearable art.
Live painting by TJ Schneider for Lifetime Collective
Live painting by Olga Cuttell for Prior Skis & Snowboards
Whistler Arts Council present ‘Artists in Wonderland’. Live art daily plus your chance to create a masterpiece on the digital graffiti wall (Friday, April 13 – Sunday, April 15).

A few new works inspired by water will be on display at the festival this year. Giclee prints will be available from my series “We love this stuff so much…” at the SOA store.

Come by and say hi to me while I live paint during the festival at the Whistler Telus Conference Center – Wednesday April 18 2  – 6pm and during Intersection from 8pm on.

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